Our Social Responsibility 


During our careful selection of manufacturers, we have taken initiatives to create a relationship with our business partners, who are aware of their social and environmental responsibility in the manufacturing of our garments. This rare fibre, encapsulates what is truly mother natures gift.

It is essential to maintain a balance, to protect our environment while maintaining value to our clients garments.

A series of complex steps are involved in the development in a luxury garment, from the human treatment of the goat  to the processing of cashmere fibre, to the finished garment. Our manufactures utilize, environmentally safe and AZO free, organic dyes. These dyes meet the standards to prevent light and water fastness and meeting the consumer requirements. We have immense pride in our cashmere garments and the manufactures commitment to saving the environment one cashmere sweater at a time.

Our focus includes the continuous improvement, to minimize the impact of our business activities on the environment.

Our responsibilities are an integral component of our company‘s philosophy. It is for the present and for future generations that we take the necessary actions to ensure that we maintain a balanced and mindful vigilance for our natural environment and that we create positive change for the future. I have searched the globe for those involved in the cashmere process who share our commitment, to honour the true embodiment of luxury cashmere.