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Caring for your Cashmere 

The process of producing cashmere takes a series of intricate steps, to achieve the luxurious quality of a finished garment. Cashmere downy fibre requires special care and attention.To protect your cashmere garment we encourage you to follow our special laundering instructions. This will contribute to the longevity of your garment. Always launder your garment after wearing it a few times as moths often become more attracted to natural fibres when they are soiled. Hand wash knit cashmere. Woven cashmere garments must be dry cleaned.

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning can be used for both knit and woven garments. Dry cleaning always tends to be the ideal method for cleaning cashmere; it is a simple and very convenient process. Be sure that you use a trusted and reputable dry cleaner. Be sure to advice your dry cleaner that your garment is cashmere.

Hand washing knitted cashmere

Hand wash knit cashmere only. Avoid hand washing woven cashmere garments. In a basin, mix cold water, (18-20 degrees C/68-72 degrees F). Avoid using hot water, as it will create breakage and increase pilling of the fibres. We suggest a very mild liquid detergent; (i.e. a baby laundry detergent is hypoallergenic, biodegradable, non-toxic and free of any dyes or perfumes). Place your garment into the soapy water by gently mixing or agitating with your hands. Then gently press the garment flat with your hands to achieve complete saturation. Drain the soap and water mixture; then repeat the previous steps with clean, cold water to remove the soap. To prevent your garment from being stretched and the cashmere fibres from breaking; avoid twisting or squeezing the garment. Drain excess water from your cashmere by leaving the garment in the basin for a couple hours. Once the excess water has drained, lay the garment out flat on a clean, dry, white only towel. Roll the garment in the towel to drain excess water. Unroll the garment and lay it onto a fresh dry towel and let it air dry naturally. Washing your delicate cashmere will make it softer with each washing and will prolong the life of the garment. Keep your garment out of direct sunlight, as prolonged exposure to the sun will damage cashmere fibres.

If you are uncomfortable with the hand-washing process, send to a reputable dry-clean service, some you trust. (See dry cleaning instructions)


Do not place an iron directly onto the garment. To remove wrinkles use only the steam of the iron. Place steam iron 5 cm or 2 inches away from the garment. It is important to be aware; that heat breaks the fibres of the cashmere, creating pilling.


Cashmere fibres are delicate and when first worn pills occur. Pills or bobbling, are created by friction when the loose fibres tangle together. Normal wear and use of cashmere causes loose fibres to begin to push out from the surface and over time small spherical fibre bundles develop. Pilling diminishes over time as those small amounts of shorter fibres work themselves free of the fabric and break away. Proper washing and storing will assist in reducing pills. Pills can be removed by hand, use either a hand comb or fabric shaver. Cashmere garments made of longer fibre will not pill as much as a very cashmere short fibre.

Storing your Cashmere Garment

You should store your cashmere in a cardboard box, muslin, canvas bag or a breathable cotton bag. Do not use plastic. Fold cashmere around a piece of acid free tissue paper to help prevent wrinkles. Cedar balls and sachets made with lavender assist in deterring moths.

SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS ON GARMENTS: Cashmere garments with Swarovski crystals are not to be ironed or place in clothes dryer as crystals will come off with heat. We would strongly suggest dry clean only for a fabric with Swarovski crystals.

NOTE: Cashmere garments, will not to be returned after washing or dry cleaning.

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