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About Us 

Hi Cashmere lovers,

I am Cheryl Hildebrandt, on the left and my mother, Judy Hildebrandt is on the right of the photo below. This picture is of the two us in Mongolia... somewhere in the Gobi Desert, on a goat farm. Our quest, is to discover the process to achieve the most luxury cashmere, "from the goat to the exquisite cashmere sweater", with the assistance of an interpreter, were are able to break the language barrier.

Our wonderful Mongolian hosts, the owner and Mongolian goat header and his wife, teach us about the passion one has have, to own a cashmere goat farm and live off the land. We learn how important theses goats are to the sustainability and longevity of their goat farming industry.  A series of complex and intricate steps are required to create the smooth, ultra soft sweater. How fortunate we were to have such a wonderful experience!

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